söndag 4 oktober 2009


was better yesterday,...

...because after some cold nights it was enough for the cosmos
flowers for this year, and today, I had to dig them up.
But here is a striped, happy one from the yesterdays, before the frosty nights.

To see more of TODAYS FLOWERS go HERE

8 kommentarer:

Carletta sa...

The cold nights are with us and the flowers fading fast.
This is a beautiful remember of what was!
I love the lighting you captured!

Carletta’s Captures.

LV sa...

It seems rather sad when winter comes and destroys all the beautiful flowers. Glad you were able to get one more nice shot of yours. Stay warm.

Ebie sa...

Beautiful lighting. We better enjoy the beauty of our flowers before winter comes!

Have a great day!

Regina sa...

How pretty and elegant.

Have a nice week.


Randi sa...

Härlig bild med överfylld skottkärra - precis som det ser ut hos mig.
Efter stormen, som vi har haft i helgen, blir det nog många skottkärror idag.

Hannele på Hisingen sa...

Underbar skottkärrebild, polkagris är läckert.

Tulip sa...

lovely and dainty flower. love its color.

my entry:

Magdalena sa...

Det innebär mycket jobb på hösten och det visar sig på din bild . Super fina bilder.

Ha en trevlig helg!