måndag 12 oktober 2009

BLUE MONDAY:Handcrafted blues...&views

A friend of mine is going to make a shawl. Take a look at this lovely, bluey crochet yarn.-I get the blues! Don't you?
And then, we will take a walk on the beach with the blue skies and the blue sea around. Are you ready for a swim in the blue water?
I'm not.I think it is too cold nowadays in these bleusy october-days.
And someone has lost his sunglasses... A giant, uh?

For some months ago - summer-days of 2009 - it was a better weather and warmer water for swimming, as you can see.
And here are the sunglasses again. Are they made for a giant?... No, of course, it is a sculpture, and the artist is Patrick Oppliger. Read more HERE
(The beachphoto is from Åhus, on the southeast coast of Sweden.)
At least, I will also show something beautiful and flowering in blue, as an orchid.
It is a "Vanda", and not the easiest orchid to grow in your home.
Fact is, you must have a special greenhouse to cultivate these kinds of orchids, or live in the tropics, where they come from.
I took the photo, for some years ago, when I was visiting an exhibition of orchids.
But HERE is an easier orchid to cultivate in your home.

A happy message came to me, this Blue Monday, that I have won 1:rst prize from MY PRECIOUS HOME Oh, I am so bluesy happy today! A bunch of Blue Monday-hugs to MAUD!!!

Then I will give my regards to every happy bluesy people, who had written such nice comments on my Blue Monday-posts. Many thank's from me!
Have a nice BLUES of this monday too, and a great week to look forward to!
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15 kommentarer:

Cindy sa...

How pretty. Love the sunglasses. I thought you had just put up a pair, but how neat it is a sculpture. Thanks for sharing


AnnCharlotte sa...

Läckert garn i schalen...min mamma stickar strumpor i ngt liknande men jag har aldrig tänkt så långt som till att virka i det...den blir nog fin, scalen alltså.

Måddan - Himla lantligt sa...

Hej Anna!

Kom till mig - du har nåt att hämta där :o)

My Precious Home

pam sa...

Wonderful colors in that shawl and those blue orchids are so gorgeous!

Sally sa...

I love that sculpture! Happy Blue Monday, Anna.

Jeanne sa...

Your blues today are terrific. Love the yarn and the sunglasses. Where is the friendly giant?

Have a wonderful week. I enjoyed your post very much.

Hugs, Jeanne

Mary Bergfeld sa...

The blues you selected to share with us today are wonderful. The sculpture really made me smile. I hope you are having a wonderful Blue Monday.

LV sa...

As always, enjoyed your blues for today. I have seen a lot of sculptures, but never sun glasses. Good luck on the shawl.

Mia sa...

Säger som många andra, vilken härlig skulptur!!

Annika Christensen sa...

Blått är verkligen flott.
Ha det gott och grattis förresten.

Bea sa...

Fin tolkning på blå-temat!
Må gott! /Bea

Shy sa...

i love the beach, makes me wanna join those poeple sun bathing.

Jenny Oak Fae sa...

TACK för din kommentar!

Jag förstår verkligen att du tänker vaccinera dig, det borde jag också göra, med tanke på att mitt immunförsvar är så då måste man inte vara FRISK när man får sprutan..? Då kan jag ju INTE ta den alls...

KRAM, Jenny

Al sa...

Yep! It's the same! Thanks for the visit.

AnnA sa...

THANK'S for all nice comments! I wish everybody a GREAT week!/
TACK för alla avtryck! Trevlig vecka på er!