måndag 10 maj 2010

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: Something Blue For You... these blue flowers from this spring and last summer. The blue flowered planting trowel is to give more inspiration for all coming gardening projects this flowering season...
To see more of the blues go to SMILING SALLY,and if You will see more Mosaic Monday posts you will visit MARY with the Little Red House.
I will finish this blogpost with two give-aways from Cottage Charms, started May 1:st and ended May 29th. Go HERE and see all of them.
Here is rosy, romantic vintage give-away from LARA HARRIS. The game is over May 29:th, and the winner will be announced May 31:th.
The 2:nd give-away is from TALES FROM AN OC COTTAGE...
...with this charming bird, as one of the giving-away items. This give-away also ends May 29:th.

Good Luck to everyone!!!

Happy Blue Mosaic Monday&
Have A Nice week!
Best wishes,

10 kommentarer:

Naturegirl sa...

Anna I also love blues in my own garden!Love your blue garden trowel!

elle-melle sa...

Blå blomster er så flott! Det er noe ekstra med dem, kanskje fordi de speiler himmelen?

Daniela sa...

Vilket underbart blått collage du gjort av alla söta små blommor, härligt :)

SmilingSally sa...

Anna, I love the blues. Happy Blue Monday.

Amanda at 32˙North sa...

Hi Anna,

You've put together a wonderful collection of blues - I've always been partial to pansies and forget me nots.


Pie sa...

Love your blues! Happy Blue Monday.

My Blue Monday.

black eyed susans kitchen sa...

Absolutely beautiful mosaic. You have all of my favorite colors in it!

Marice sa...

wonderful mosaic :)

u may view mine here

A 2 Z sa...

New to your blog! Very charming and beautiful! Thank you for sharing Anna!


Katarina sa...

Blått är flott!