måndag 11 juli 2011

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: Swedish views...

 ...from our car. And to see more mosaics go to MARY with The little Red House.
 The Blues is the blue wild summerflower, sometimes growing in the fields - a cornflower. And  blue  is also the colour of hope...And the hope is that the health will be better for our  SMILING SALLY. I give her my prays! So these blue flowers are especially for her!
Soon this Monday is over, but still it is summer!

Have a nice week!
Best wishes,

3 kommentarer:

Pondside sa...

I love your blues and yellows, for Sweden, and the splashes of red........could be for Canada :)

Bea sa...

Åhh...så vackert med ängsblommor!
Kram /Bea

Hannele på Hisingen sa...

vilka underbara sommarbilder