söndag 6 september 2009

BLUE MONDAY: Blue wallpaintings...

...from the the chapel of Yngsjö, which belongs to the parish of ÅHUS(in south Sweden) is my Blue Monday theme, this time.
The building is about hundred years old, builded 1906. The paintings in the chapel are very beautiful, and in blue tones and patterns.
The chapel is special for me and my husband, as it was here we were married 15 years ago.

A blue beautiful glass arrange-ment with candle-holders.

And here is the blue painted pulpit, decorated with for example
"Lilium candidum",
(The Madonna Lily)which is Virgin Mary's own flower.In Christianity the lily symbolize purity, virginity and piety.The blue colour is also Virgin Mary's colur, and often in old paintings you can see the virgin with blue dress on.
The greek-roman stories and myths are telling that this white lily was born when a godess(Juno)was breastfeeding her son, and some of the milk fell from the universe to the Earth, and let lilies grown up.
Another story about this "Woman Flower" is that they used to make drugs of the flowers to help women in the childbirth situation.

In the chapel there is an altarpiece in blue tones made in quilttechnique, by the local artist Lisa Fajersson.

Looking outside the chapel window, you can feel the blues, finding out some yellow leafs in the trees...

...but the young choir changes the feeling of the blues, when they are singing and moving around.
At least, here are some bluey earrings from ANGELPEARLS
a-give-away until september the 30th.
If you win, you can choose what colour you want.
But for me - I am chosen the blue one's, of course!

Have a nice Blue Monday, and a nice week!
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9 kommentarer:

Jenny Oak Fae sa...

Undrar om jag ens har varit där...ser vackert ut!

Ha en fin vecka du också!!!

: )

KRAM, Jenny


Angel.Pearls sa...

Tack för att AngelPearls smycken får ta plats på din blogg!!Underbart -älskar din Blå Måndag! Great Blue Monday -I'm happy if some of your readers will take the chance in my GiveAway!! Ha det bäst o Kram//Eva

Therése sa...

Det där kapellet känner jag igen :) och de rara barnen också. Förra veckan gästspelade jag i Åhus och nu är jag ledig i två veckor.
Ha en bra vecka!

SmilingSally sa...

What a spectacular chapel. I love your blues today. Happy Labor Day! Happy Blue Monday.

Mary Bergfeld sa...

This was a lovely post. Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us. That is a beautiful chapel. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

LV sa...

I loved all your blues for this Blue Monday. Glad you shared sights I would never see. Tanks for a nice post.

elle-melle sa...

Åhh for et nydelig kapell!
Kan tenke meg det må være et flott sted å gifte seg:)

AnnA sa...

THANK'S for all comment's!/TACK för alla kommentarer!
I never told how small this chapel is, maybe only for 100 visitors, but the it is avery beautiful place to visit - so light and relaxing.
Jag skrev aldrig att kapellet inte är så stort, kanske kan det gå in 100 besökare, men de underbara bemålade ljusblå väggarna ger en sådan skön karaktär åt denna byggnad.
Ha det bra allihopa!/Have a great time!/

Nina Xi Fotoblogg sa...

Härliga bilder du tar! De har en livlighet som gör att man bara vill fortsätta titta!
Tack för din kommentar! Tycker absolut att du ska prova photoshop! Photoshop Elements är lite billigare o enklare att använda om man är ovan. Sen finns GIMP som sägs vara motsvarigheten till Elements o den är gratis! Kan vara värd att prova... Du kan bland annat ladda ner den här -