lördag 16 maj 2015


How I love this pinkcoloured month...

...when the Japanese Cherrytree show it's pretty pink flowers...

...and cover the green grass with pink snow.
The pink "snowflakes" in May are lovely, are'nt they?!

The pink appleblossoms looking for bumblebees to giving us nice apples in the automn.

Lovely pink daisies - "bellis" - from my gardenpots...

...and look at this delicious pink frayed tulip from one of the borders.

Clematis are not only blue, white or violettecoloured.
This is a 'Clematis montana rubens' - a  pink spring flowering clematis.

I am very found of pansies in differnet colours, and pinkshaded colours are lovely!
Here together with pink clematisflowers.

This Saturday me and my husband returned to Tosteberga ängar - the meadows of Tosteberga - ... see how the wild orchids - 'Orchis mascula'  -  were blooming in deep pink
Here is a post from an earlier visit this month.

We were also visiting a garden of one of our friends where we seen these beautiful  pinks: shooting stars -  'Dodeacatheon'.
The mix in the border with the forget-me-nots in the background shows that...

...pinks are lovely...

...together with flowers in other colours.
The pinks are 'Tiarella cordifolia' and pansies, and the others are tulips, pansies, columbines, 'Hyacintoides non-scripta' and  my first flowering bearded iris of this spring. 

This Pink Saturday has turned to Sunday.
To see more pinks go to BEVERLY, and if you will enjoy The Blogparty of Malevik and see Håkans lovely pink roses, go and visit this week of SATURDAY SHOW OFF. 

Have a nice Sunday in Your garden!
Rejoice the springtime!
Best wishes,

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Sara Chapman in Seattle USA sa...

What beautiful flower photography. Many beautiful images!