måndag 4 maj 2015

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: My moodboard for May... made by small, blue beauties from my garden : woodanemones, a blue Balkan anemone, blue pansies with their cousin : a bluespotted violet; a blue 'Anemone coronaria',  different kinds of  blue grapehyacints,  blue forget-me-nots and their lookalikes: 'Brunnera macrophylla'.

Small blue beuties together. The small bluespootted violet is called "Freeckles" - a charming kind of  a violet, I think.
And look how woodanemones can change to different ways: a blue kind,...

...and this double white one with a blue eye, and of coures it's name is "Baby Blue Eyes"- a rather new flower in my garden.

This was my blues for this Blue Monday, and if you will feel and see more of it, go to Smiling Sally.

Fact is that my Blue Moodboard for May has turn to pink, as the Japanese Cherry Blossom treein these last days has shown its besutiful pink flowers.
Every month I try to pick some flowers from my garden to make a moodboard of  the month, and another blogger making moodboards is Annelie

Mosaic Monday Judith with Lavender cottage showing this Mosaic Monday her signs of spring...

...and here are some of mine.
To see more mosaics go HERE.

Happy Blue Monday&
And have a Nice week!
best wishes,

9 kommentarer:

LV sa...

You are so blessed with many lovely flowers. Not familiar with some of them, but truly enjoy seeing.

Tittis trädgård sa...

Underbara moodboards med härlig vårkänsla! Superfint!/ Titti

Donna@Gardens Eye View sa...

I really love the blues you have chosen and how you displayed them and photographed them...gorgeous mosaic.

SmilingSally sa...

Oh AnnA,

Your blooms are super lovely. Thanks for playing today.

Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

Rachel Uchizono sa...

Blue flowers are my favorite. I love the variety!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage sa...

Your collage of spring blues is exquisite AnnA, I like the idea of a mood board of colour.
Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

betty-NZ sa...

Spring is such an exciting time for flowers! Loving the blue hues.

Sara - Villa Emilia sa...

Blue is such a special colour...
Your flowers are lovely, AnnA, as always.
Have a sunny and warm week!

Hetty sa...

Dear Anna, you have made a beautiful impression of the May flowers! Groetjes, Hetty