måndag 25 maj 2015

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: Welcome to my Pansyland!

My friend told me, when she was visiting me, that I am living in a pansyland, and  I as usual this spring, I plant a lot of different kinds of them in different places and pots and whatever things to put them in, as you can see in my pansymosaic.

Mosaic Monday It is Mosaic Monday again, and to join go to JUDITH in the Lavender Cottage.

This Monday is a Bluesy Monday too, and many of my pansies got the blues, together with babyblue forget-me-nots and the common bluebells.

The Blue Monday Blues you will find if you visit SALLY.

Yes, I have planted different colours, different shapes and different sizes of pansies.
They smell good and are so pretty,...

...and together with the last tulips from our garden this spring, I will show you my colourful arrangement of the last Monday of May.

Have a nice week!
Best wishes,

10 kommentarer:

eileeninmd sa...

Gorgeous images, flowers and mosiacs! What a colorful post, so pretty. Have a happy new week ahead!

SmilingSally sa...

Hi AnnA,

I love your blue garden. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday!

LV sa...

You have a very pretty pansy garden, but all your flowers are beautiful. I think it is neat the way you use so many various yard decorations or plant containers.

Donna@Gardens Eye View sa...

I adore pansies and you have an amazing collection of colors and faces....beautiful!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage sa...

Yes, pansy land but you are so creative with them in containers and with the addition of other flowers.
Gorgeous collages AnnA.
Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

Margie sa...

So pretty! I especially like the vibrant colours.

Hetty sa...

Pansy land! That's where I want to be. Love the colours. In my own garden I have many pansy's too.who can live without? Groetjes,

Annesphamily sa...

Very lovely share. I am trying to get some forget me nots planted as a few years ago I participated in a memory quilt for the family of a young child who passed away from a rare brain cancer. Her family sent each one of us, over 100 of us, a packet of forget me nots and asked us to plant them in her memory. We have had so much rain I do not get to plant yet. I do not want them to wash away. But once I can get them in the ground I will add my garden angel and call it Shannon's Garden. :-)

Thanks for sharing.

Mary Howell Cromer sa...

Oh what beautiful flowers and images of their share. lovely post!

åse sa...

Alldeles ljuvligt. Ha en fin dag. Åse