måndag 19 augusti 2013

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: I fell in love...

...when I found this blue charming China lion HERE in an antiqueshop in Sweden and as it stole a place in my heart, I have to give it a place on my bookshelfe...

...and it also reminds me of Yangtorp, an oriental building in Southern parts of Sweden ( read more HERE).
And look - here is some blues too, in the blue templetower.

Outside the large templedoor  you can see two  Chinese guardian lions - often called Foo Dogs - and they have a dangerous look, haven't they?(Read more of Foo Dogs HERE.)

Not as my sweet little blue one, who have a more kindly look... 
It is Monday, and...

...if you will find more of this Monday Blues, go to SMILING SALLY.

MARY with the Little Red House showing as some mosaics from the end of this summer.and go HERE to see more mosaics.
Half August is gone of this lovely Summer and I will show some of the flowering lilies...

...from our garden.
It's getting darker in the evenings, but still - the summer is not over yet!

Rejoice in your garden!
Best wishes,

2 kommentarer:

SmilingSally sa...

Ah, perfect for Blue Monday.

Thanks for playing.

Happy Blue Monday, Anna.

LV sa...

Anna, so good seeing and hearing from you. I have not forgotten you. I think of you often and wonder if all is well with you. I am doing okay. Getting another year older Sunday. Number 84. Take care and will try visiting more.