måndag 6 juni 2011

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: Pansytime... going over to "rosytime", and the first flowering rose in our garden is 'Thérèse Bugnet'.
MARY with The Little Red House is the hostess for the Mosaic Monday, and go HERE to see more Mosaic blogposts.

As SMILING SALLY also invited us blogpeople to Blue Monday this Monday, I will show you some French Blues.

Last night my daugter arrived from TAIZÉ in France, and give me this beautiful bluesy lamp as a late Mother's Day Gift.
And the lamp reminds me of this gospel spirtual:

...and the lamp will also remind me of the love of my daughter...

In Sweden, this Monday is a blue-and-yellow-monday, as the 6:th of June is the Swedish National Holiday.

to every swedes: Happy National Holiday!
Have a nice week!
Best wishes,

4 kommentarer:

Sally sa...

Happy National Sweden Day.

Happy Blue Monday, Anna!

linda sa...

I love the bicycle!
Gorgeous photos.

Unknown sa...

Happy Holiday in Sweden. I do love the pansies, but it is too hot here now and they are all gone. Will have some more when fall comes. Great mosaic.

Hannele på Hisingen sa...

Vilken tjusig cykel.