måndag 23 augusti 2010

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: Blues from the 70thies... I found these patterned curtains from the 70thies in my wardrobe, and the colours gave me inspiration to this mix of blue flowers from August, and some white ones too.
The blue flowers are for example, anemone coronaria, clematis, nemophila menziesii , blue bells, summerflowering sage and perovskia, and the white ones are a whiteflowered buddleja davidii and the creamy white rose "Macy's Pride".(More about the rose HERE)

Our oldest son also saw the curtains, and liked them, and as he has moved to his own flat, I have hanged them there.
Ooops! Now my older sister will have hick-ups...She gave me the curtains for several years ago...
(For quiltlovers look HERE.)

It is a big step to move from the parents to the own place, and it is also a big step for a mother and a father to have a son in his first own home in a new town.
The first meal in his new home was china meal on blue plates from IKEA.
My beloved son is very found of bluey things...

To see more of The Blue Monday Blues(and Blue Men!) go to SALLY, and you can find more mosaics from the Mosaic Monday if you visit MARY with the Little Red House, who this monday is showing beautiful mosaic photos of wildflowers.

Happy Blue Monday!
And have a nice week!
Best wishes,

14 kommentarer:

Hannele på Hisingen sa...

så underbart vackert hos dej igen.

EG CameraGirl sa...

Very attractive mosaics! The whites and blues go so well together.

SmilingSally sa...

I love these blue flowers.

Happy Blue Monday, Anna!

Bea sa...

WOW..så vackert! Du är en mästare på att göra små stilleben :)
Må gott! / Bea

LV sa...

Anna, it is never easy when our little ones seem to grow up over night and leave the nest. I only have one son, but thought that was the end of me when he married and moved on. Some how times takes care of them and us. As always your blue features are just so pretty.

mammi sa...

Verkligen en skön ögonfägring, Blev "utslängd" för ett tag sedan, på bloggen alltså. Hoppas vi ses snart igen

Rebecca sa...

Great display-I love how you put it all together!

Vee sa...

He has good taste! That must be a Swedish expression... "Now my sister will have hiccups." I hope that I can remember that one.

Annika Christensen sa...

Härliga glada du!

Bobbi Ann sa...

Hi, just love your blues! Hope you have a wonderful new week!

Margot sa...

Underbart vackra bilder!!!!
Ha det gott!

NinaH sa...

Härligt med "återvinning"! Eller ska vi säga "traditionsfortsättning"?!;-)
Och allt i blått! Underbart!

Britt-Inger sa...

Kul att de gamla gardinerna som jag hade glömt fortfarande kom till glädje.
Den som spar han har

genie sa...

Anna, Your blog is beautiful. I am so happy I found it today. The manner in which you placed your photos offset from one another is extremely pleasing to the eye. I think you did a beautiful job, and I will be back on a regular basis to read your posts.