torsdag 10 november 2016

FIVE ON FRIDAY: ...and I give You...

A week is gone with different changes, day by day.
Last weekend I was working, but between working, I was visiting BÄCKASKOG CASTLE,  a beautiful place with an old castle in the East Southern parts of Sweden, with views of a lovely forest and  a garden, with beautiful colours this time of the year.
When You are walking from the castle, down the avenue of the beech forest;... the end of this beautiful avenue, you are coming to the lake of Oppmanna, with a small sight over the lake.

This day I was together with a friend of mine, and her happy son, playng around with the  automneleaves in the park of the castle.

In the last moment of this seasons harvesttime, I picked my chilifruits; put them together in three different rings, hanging around my picture of Peter Rabbit, a copy I made from Beatrix Potters drawings, in our kitchen.

And next day, the fall for this year was over, and I woke up to white winterviews.
And a new president in USA, too...

 Yes, it is Friday again, and AMY is the bloghostess for this special occasion in week. Let's visit her HERE to se her and others fives.

One of my last roses this Summer season was the 'Trier' - here is the last branch for this year.
(And many thanks's for all the nice comments I had last week!)
Best wishes,

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LV sa...

Loved all the sights you shared. That is so cute of the little fellow enjoying the leaves. I know our winter will be coming, but prefer the warmer days. Take care and stay well and warm.