måndag 13 april 2015

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY:My blues of today... filled with fragrances of spring from violets, pansies, primroses( a blueviolet kind of primroses of course!)Balkan anemones, a bluelilac hyacinth, bluelilac'Corydalis', 'Brunnera macrophylla', grape hyacinths, 'Scilla siberica' and 'Puschkinia scilloides', all together in my English blue patterned chinabowl.

These first flowers of the year are maybe the prettiest, are'nt they?
And as the bluelilac hyacinth has too strong fragrance to be on our table, I put it in the mini watering can at my veranda together with other flowers and things there.

I change my blues to white...
Last days the temperatures getting warmer and in the Swedish forest you can see these lovely whites: wood anemones - 'Anemone nemorosa'
In Sweden we have "The Right of Public Acess",("Allemansrätten") a right to visit forests and nature, but there are also some duties, as not throw garbage in the nature and not pick protected flowers and plants.
The wood anemones are not protected, as these... ones: hepaticas, which are protected in my part of Sweden, and You are not allowed to pick or cut flowers or dug plants of them.(You can buy cultivated plants of them in the plantshops.)
But it is free to enjoy them growing in the ground in springtime!

As the wood anemones are free to pick in the wild, I filled my hand with them, and took them back home to my Japanese cup.
The big white wood-anemones-look-a-like-flowers are species of a clematis, maybe not the best clematis for my climate, but in a pot now in spring and summer, and inside when the cold is coming back. 

Its Monday again and a Blue one, and too feel the blues, go and visit Smiling Sally...

 Mosaic Monday...and if You will enjoy more mosaics, You can visit Judith in her Lavender Cottage.

have a nice week!
best wishes,

11 kommentarer:

Sara - Villa Emilia sa...

Hello from Finland!
Thank you for sharing these gorgeous flowers and forest views!
Happy Mosaic Monday!

SmilingSally sa...

Hello AnnA,

I enjoyed your beautiful flowers today. Thanks for playing.

Happy Blue Monday!

Ingmarie We sa...

Oh Anna! Such a lovely post with all the petty springflowers!

Snap sa...

Pretty! I love blue and white and love the containers you've chosen for the blooms. Stunning!

Annesphamily sa...

Such a gorgeous share! A am very clueless regarding photos and even being able to add my own name to my own photo shares! You did a lovely job here today. Thanks for sharing.

Donna@Gardens Eye View sa...

I have never seen anything more beautiful...the blue flowers and the container....and then the other containers of flowers just continued to take my breath away. Stunning!

Anni sa...

Vilket ljuvligt inlägg, jag blir alldeles vårlycklig! Tänk att jag har flyttat runt mina små blå penséer utan att kunna hitta rätt - klart att jag ska ta fram en blå soppterrin eller liknande. Stort tack för inspirationen!

Debby Ray sa...

Oh my...what gorgeous photos and mosaics! These are my favorite colors of flowers and your arrangements in the teacups are just stunning! I could look at them all day long! I'm visiting from Mosaic Monday :)

Judith @ Lavender Cottage sa...

A delightful dish of spring posies. We have rules in Canada for not digging up native plants from the wild, we're supposed to buy them from a nursery.
Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Anna.

Hetty sa...

That blue cup is my cup of tea! Groetjes, Hetty

Minna Mercke Schmidt sa...

Ah vilka vackra bilder Anna! Tusen tack för en härlig stund med vacker vår!
Kram Minna :)