söndag 26 april 2015

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY:Blue springtimeblues...

...from the conservatory to the park and the gardens of Sofiero castle in Helsingborg.

It is an exhibition by the Swedish photographer Annika Christensen and the artist Cecilia S-Tukainen.

You can feel the blues, can't you?

And the dreams (swedish: "drömmar")on the floor...

...of a newcoming spring are coming true, because the spring is outside the door too!

The spring I longed for when I put these grapehyacinths together outside my door in the beginning of February.
(Of coures, they moved inside after my photoshoots.More photos from this moment HERE.)

I show some other views of the exhibiton about "Spring in pots" in a mosaic, and make a blogpost to... 

The park to the castle is near by the blue sea behind the beach.
A beautiful view for the old kings and queens who lived in the Sofiero castle until the 70:ies.

Its Blue Monday Time, and time to visit Smiling Sally to look for the blues.

Happy Blue Monday&
Have a nice week!
Best wishes,

10 kommentarer:

Sara - Villa Emilia sa...

Wonderful photos and mosaics!
The gate to the sea is really special.
Have a lovely new week!

Annika Christensen sa...

Kul att du kom och tack för fina bilder.
Ha en skön vecka.

Jackie McGuinness sa...

Lovely on a grey morning.

LV sa...

Anna, always such a pleasure viewing your blog. You share such lovely things that I would never see otherwise. I love that old lantern.

SmilingSally sa...

Hi AnnA,

What a lovely place where you live. Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

Happy Blue Monday!

Annesphamily sa...

Hi Anna! I am enjoying all these lovely flower shares. we are getting lots of dreary rainy weather today. Thank you for the share. enjoy your week.

Donna@Gardens Eye View sa...

Beautiful blues and containers of all the muscari.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage sa...

What a lovely post of spring bulbs in containers, I'm so glad you linked to Mosaic Monday Anna.
I can tell you're a passionate gardener as well, wouldn't the gate at the beach be a magnificent addition to a garden!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti sa...

Beautiful blues and flowers!

Inger sa...

Mycket fint, hade gärna besökt utställningen.