måndag 30 mars 2015


Blue vintage glass from the Swedish artist Erik Höglund and Danish china made by the Swedish designer Marianne Johnsson, and I pick some of the lovely blue 'Iris reticulata'...

...from the borders in our garden.

This lightblue one with "watercoloured" spots is called 'Katherine Hodgkins' - isn't she charming?

I place them together with some lilacblue pansies and some blue grape hyacints.

And the blues about this Monday is that it begun with a morning with snow falling from the skies, and a very windy and stormy Monday afternoon.
The little blue 'Anemone hepatica' tried to hide away from the cold down to the soil.

In the last days of March I am trying to pick togeter a moodboard of April, as I use to do in the end of the month.(It was not easy to fighting with the cold wind.!) 
I took one of the last irises of the spring together with christmas roses from our garden...

...with different colours and shapes of the oriental type of the hellebores.
They look like jewelry, don't they?
(To see more moodboards go to ANNELIE.)

Christmasroses are not so easy to have in vases, but if you put them in really hot water You can enjoy their beauty in the vase for some days on your table.
And the lovely blue vase is a Erik Höglund vase too.

Soon this Blue Monday is over for this week. If you visit SMILING SALLY You can rejoice more blues.

A have a nice week!
Best wishes,

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SmilingSally sa...

Hi Anna,

What beautiful blues your showing today. Thanks for playing.

Happy Blue Monday!

LV sa...

AnnA, what a beautiful post. You have some of the most gorgeous flowers ever. Some I am not familiar with. So glad you shared. I always look forward to taking a stroll through your garden.