måndag 17 september 2012

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: My blue Passion... our garden.

 Passiflora 'Amethyst' and...

...and Passiflora 'Byron Beauty'.
  You can read and learn more about passionflowers HERE, and if you visit MARY with the little red house, you can see more mosaics.
(And of course, with the Swedish climate, my passifloras will move indoors with the Automne and the cold nights.)

Our gardens last blueberries have been picked, 

... and mixed together in processed sour milk with raspberries and blackberries.

It gave my yesterday a wholesame passionating bluesy eveningmeal.
(More blueberries HERE.)

Smiling Sally is the hostess for BLUE MONDAY, and if you visit her blog HERE, you will find more MondayBlues.

...and have a nice week!
REJOICE in your garden!
Best wishes,

10 kommentarer:

A Bit of the Blarney sa...

Absolutely breathtaking pictures!!! Well done!!! Have a wonderful day! Cathy

Märit i Mariehem sa...

Många vackra bilder skapar en jättevacker blå måndag!


Maggie sa...

Gorgeous blues, your passionflowers are staggeringly beautiful!

SmilingSally sa...

What a happy place! Thanks for sharing your beautiful blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Anna.

Diana Taylor sa...

Wow, what gorgeous flowers, I only know the white ones, but these are absolutely stunning.

LV sa...

Anna, so good hearing from you and seeing all these beautiful flowers. I had a vine of the passion flower this year as well. Even in the Texas heat it did very well. So many blooms. Always look forward to our visits.

Anette sa...

Fina och härliga bilder som vanligt hos dig Anna! Passionsblommor är så vackra. Jag är ju så dålig med krukväxter, men i höst tror jag att jag ska kosta på mig lite nya.

Annars har ju hösten kommit ordentligt nu hos oss. Ännu ingen frost, men det närmar sig det märks.

Kram Anette

Pamela Gordon sa...

What gorgeous and colourful flowers! I love every photo. Beautiful! Blessings, Pamela (Canada)

Susie på Stjärnarve... sa...

Underbar passionsblomma, har tidigare bara sett - och haft - den vanliga tråkfärgade!

NinaH sa...

Läckert tycker jag allt i blått är!!!
Inte för inte de kallas Passionsblommor!!;-)
Läckert blå-collage också! Det har jag ju gillat på fb också!;-)
Ha det gott!