måndag 12 september 2011

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: In the air... our garden, a lot of  butterflies, looking for a place in the white buddleia, to sip some nektar.
If you will see more mosaics of this Monday go to MARY with the little Red House.

My bluesy blue blogpost to SMILING SALLY, is this week a blue bouquet in  a blue vase of  blue anemonas, passiflora, sage and the rose 'Rhapsody in Blue', and if you will see more of my blooming roses of this Blue September Monday go HERE.

Another thing from the air, came in an envolope from my dear Blue Monday friend Lavoice...

 ...all the way in the air, from Texas.
Thank's alot LV!

This is the day after, the ten years of memorial of nine eleven - and I hope that something good will come out from this bad evil thing...
Happy Blue Mosaic Monday everybody!
Have A nice week!

Best wishes,

7 kommentarer:

Ranunkel i rabatten sa...

Så fin bukett!

Teacup-In-The-Garden sa...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful mosaic. I like the butterfly....and the flowers.
Have a nice week,

Charlotta sa...

Härligt somrigt, skönt att se när höststormarna börjar vina runt husknuten. :)

Kim, USA sa...

Wow I agree all around is blue. Just beautiful!
Mosaic MondayBlue Monday

SmilingSally sa...

Thanks for sharing your blues. I love that vase!

Happy Blue Monday, Anna.

LV sa...

So glad you received your little gift. With the mail, you never know. It looks nice under your beautiful blue vase. You have got to have the prettiest garden in Sweden. Take care.

Suss o Kai sa...

Så fina bilder :) o vad fint med fjärilarna. jätte snyggt Kram Suss