måndag 15 augusti 2011

Sunflowerlover... I am, I picked a bunch of them to show on the Mosaic for this Monday, hosted by MARY with the Little Red House.This week Mary show us a lovely garden in New Jersey. More mosaics you can see HERE.

 As I did not grew soo many sunflowers in our garden this summer, I picked my bouquets by a farmer.
All these sunflowers remind me of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh.

I will also deliver some blues for this Blue Monday, some anemona coronara and sage...

...oh, how lovely it is to look in anemonas pretty"eye", isn't it?
And the blues is for SMILING SALLY! I hope you will enjoy  my blues, Sal! And that you soon will be home from hospital! All my prayers for you and your health!

(And I will send you all some sunshine in your minds and your hearts with my sunflowers...)

Best wishes,

5 kommentarer:

LV sa...

Thank you for this great sunfloweer show. I know without a doubt, there has to be more flowers in your land than anywhere. You are surrounded by so much beauty.

Maria Berg sa...

Sol ine, sol ute sol i sine och så på dina bilder. vackert.

Pondside sa...

Beautiful photos, all of them. The flowers are so vibrant, and I love the backgrounds you used.

Skaparglädje sa...

Så fina bilder, jag blir glad av alla dina solrosor.

Suss o Kai sa...

Vilka underbart vackra blider med solrosorna :) jätte snyggt Kram Suss