söndag 25 april 2010

MOSAIC MONDAY: Like a maid from a painting... BOTERO, she was landing this spring with her flowers; my Venusangel, a mother of Earth, so free and fulfilled in her body.
Then she flew to our kitchens wallpaper-flowers...
...but she left her shells( it is told that Venus was born in a shell; read more HERE)some of her flowers and some clothes in my garden...
The hearts is the love she symbolize...

Have a nice Happy Mosaic Monday!
And a sunny week!

Best wishes,

To see more photos of this Mosaic Monday go to MARY with The Little Red House, who this week show her lovely photos of horses.

PS! If somebody wonder where I found her, my "VENUS OF WIILLENDORF", I found her HERE, and after some inspiration from HERE I put the angelwings on her...A little bit of imagination mixed with arthistory, and then I could tell you my story...DS.

6 kommentarer:

Nyanser av vitt sa...

Kul att du är med i min utlottning
ha en fin dag
Kram Agneta

Hannele på Hisingen sa...

underbar dam :)

NinaH sa...

Åh så fin hon är, din Willendorf-Venus!! Måste åka till Prästbostället snart igen, ser jag ju!;-)

Humlamamman sa...

Underbart fint!!
PS. Systra min tror sig veta vem du är :)

Angel.Pearls sa...

Härligt! GiveAway hos mej om du har lust.. Kram o ha en skön dag!//

Tigris Predikantan sa...

Hum, ... när tog du dessa smygbilder på mig? Jag känner iaf igen mig *skrattar*! Så vackert, allt, bilderna är superba!