måndag 5 oktober 2015

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: The Blues of October...

...and I will try to pick some Swedish views to show you of the colourful fall from theSouthern parts of Sweden: the blue seacoast of Österlen with a beach filled with coloured, soft stones, a Swedish lakelandscape, the Swedish forest and a mosaic made by apples down in the habour of Kivik.

Blues for Blue Monday and Smiling Sally... my  new turquise blue bicycle with the blueblooming ding-dong bikebell, the blueblooming teakettle and look how dearly blue my Ipomea is!
To see more of the blues, you can visit Sally HERE.

Mosaic Monday 

Judith with her LAVENDER COTTAGE, is the hostess of making and showing photomosaic every Monday.
Go HERE to see some of them,...

...and here is my photomosaic of my colourful flower and harvestarrangements...

...and then I will end my blogpost with my story of how I bought me an artichoke and put it on my table in our conservatory together with my passifloras, and see how the fruit developed to a lilac flower!

And the Monday turned to Tuesday...
Happy new week!
best wishes,

5 kommentarer:

SmilingSally sa...

Hi AnnA,

Oh, you have so many beautiful blues!

Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

Tomoko sa...

Absolutely beautiful!! The flowers and colorful fruits, the foggy wood and the pretty bicycle and its bell are my favorite.
Have a good day!

LV sa...

Such a pleasure seeing your post of beauty. You live in a land of paradise. You definitely have a green thumb for having wonderful flowers. I even like the rocks. Trust all is well with you. I am doing okay.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage sa...

AnnA, you have a natural ability to photograph pretty things together, lovely mosaics.
Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

Gemma Wiseman sa...

Gorgeous range of blue tones in the first two collages. The little stones are most appealing.