måndag 29 april 2013

BLUE MONDAY: Yesterdays... skies down by the blue sea of the southern east parts of Sweden - Österlen. 

My heart belongs to the blue wild good smelling sweet violet and her cultivated   cousins - the pansies...

...together with other blue swedish springflowers as the blue grapehyacinth, 'Brunnera macrophylla', glory-of-the-snow, blue 'Anemone blanda', and 'Puschkinia scilloides'.

And of course... moodboard of April with springflowers from our... are not only these blue ones and other blue as blue-eyed-Mary, Suffolk Lungwort and 'Anemone hepatica'. I  have also  picked some others in other colours as for example 'Helleborus', in different colours, 'Corydalis' , 'Primula', a daffodil, a daisy and a wood anemone(yes, they are growing wild in our garden!).

Such a lovely blues to pick some springflowers to a  small bouquet... seen from different views.

Smiling Sally is the hostess of Blue Monday. Visit her blog HERE to see more of this Monday Blues.

Best wishes,

6 kommentarer:

SmilingSally sa...

That is so very blue-tiful!

Thanks for playing.

Happy Blue Monday, AnnA.

Pie sa...

Gorgeous flowers. I played too. Mine are here and here.

Botanic Bleu sa...

Happy Blue Monday to you!

Beautiful blue skies and flowers in Sweden are a wonderful blue Monday.


Susie på Stjärnarve... sa...

Helt underbara bilder och collage av blommor! Just Helleborus har jag inte tidigare varit så förtjust i, men nu ska jag skaffa MÅNGA!!

TittisTrädgård sa...

Så ljuvligt, bedårande vackert! Den lilla zink-kannan som står på bordet är så underbart söt med alla blommor i. Det var fint att blanda i några julrosor i buketten!/ Kram Titti

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash sa...

What beautiful arrangements
Love the heart shaped stone. Blessings, Debbie