måndag 20 juli 2015


Blue skies, blue clouds by the blue summer sea.

Remarkable blue clour of the larkspur in our garden...

...together with the blue-and -yellow- coloured irises and blue lavender...

And the lovely blueish rose is a 'Lavendar Ice' , a new one in our garden.

And the blues this BLUE MONDAY is that I have removed  the blueshaded polish from my nails, because my summerholiday is over, and this Monday is my first day - or  an eveningpart - back on my job again.

To feel more of the blues this Monday go to SALLY.

But the joy and the hapiness of my holiday I will share in some mosaics together with JUDITH.
I have visited some lovely different gardens...

...without or with my gardenhats with different flowers for different occasions.

I have arranged flowers from our garden in different ways, and of course, I will not stop though my holiday is over.And I will not stop to show them!

Our roses are still blooming, and I will rejoice them until the last one will die for the cold winter.

Mosaic MondayMore mosaic you will find HERE.

HAPPY BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY ( turned to Tuesday....)
Have a Happy week!
best wishes

måndag 6 juli 2015

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: Weicome to the Memory Lane...

...and this Blue Monday I am dreaming back to my childhood.
I remember how I as a young girl seen flower garlands made by pansies.
I cannot remember if the garlands were made for me or for one of my friends, but I have saved the vision in my mind of the garlands waiting in a waterbowl for being carried in a yong girls hair.
In my memory lane most of the pansies are bluecoloured, maybe with a yellowor a white center. 

And the BlueMonday Blues is that this is the season when many of the pansies in the pots are gone for other flowers.
I enjoy the last ones to make flower garlands together...

...or without the first roses from our garden and...

...singing my Sentimental Blue Monday Blues.
The rose is with the bluecoloured pansies is 'Francois Juranville'...

...and last week I was visting a garden with a flowercave of these roses.
More roses and gardenvisits you will see HERE.

Mosaic Monday JUDITH with her Lavender Cottage is the hostess for Mosaic Monday,... I make a mosaic of my garlandsfor her blogtheme.
More mosaics you will find HERE.

SMILING SALLY is the hostess of BLUE MONDAY, and you can visit her HERE.

Yesterday was a hot day, so we took a trip to the blue sea under the blue skies.
"Bleu, bleu
l'amour est bleu..."

One lonely skysailer tried to sail over the coast with the blue windsail, but the winds were not enough to make the flight too high.

Happy BLUE Monday!
Best wishes,