måndag 25 maj 2015

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: Welcome to my Pansyland!

My friend told me, when she was visiting me, that I am living in a pansyland, and  I as usual this spring, I plant a lot of different kinds of them in different places and pots and whatever things to put them in, as you can see in my pansymosaic.

Mosaic Monday It is Mosaic Monday again, and to join go to JUDITH in the Lavender Cottage.

This Monday is a Bluesy Monday too, and many of my pansies got the blues, together with babyblue forget-me-nots and the common bluebells.

The Blue Monday Blues you will find if you visit SALLY.

Yes, I have planted different colours, different shapes and different sizes of pansies.
They smell good and are so pretty,...

...and together with the last tulips from our garden this spring, I will show you my colourful arrangement of the last Monday of May.

Have a nice week!
Best wishes,

onsdag 20 maj 2015


...på de sista tulpanerna...

...från min pallkrage med höstens reakap.

Sååå underbart att kunna bryta till sina egna buketter och arrangemang,... innan dess blev det en del buketter med köpetulpaner.

Ett collage i frosseri!

Och när tulpanblomningen är över är det dags för den stora pionfrossan.
I år blev det inte så många knoppar på den rosa buskpionen, som det 20-talet det blev förra året... det sker en intressant romans mellan det vackra bladverket på pionen och 'clematis montana rubens'.

Annars blommar det hejvilt i rabatterna.
Jag hinner inte riktigt med.
Det har varit pressat i arbetslivet, så min vila har blivit att gå ut med kameraten, och orken har inte riktigt funnits till att rensa upp och fixa till bland det hejvilt växande... att NJUTA av våren, som den är...
kall och omväxlande och fullkomligt
UNDERBAR- det räcker för mig och är renande - en lisa för själen!
NJUT i din trädgård!

lördag 16 maj 2015


How I love this pinkcoloured month...

...when the Japanese Cherrytree show it's pretty pink flowers...

...and cover the green grass with pink snow.
The pink "snowflakes" in May are lovely, are'nt they?!

The pink appleblossoms looking for bumblebees to giving us nice apples in the automn.

Lovely pink daisies - "bellis" - from my gardenpots...

...and look at this delicious pink frayed tulip from one of the borders.

Clematis are not only blue, white or violettecoloured.
This is a 'Clematis montana rubens' - a  pink spring flowering clematis.

I am very found of pansies in differnet colours, and pinkshaded colours are lovely!
Here together with pink clematisflowers.

This Saturday me and my husband returned to Tosteberga ängar - the meadows of Tosteberga - ... see how the wild orchids - 'Orchis mascula'  -  were blooming in deep pink
Here is a post from an earlier visit this month.

We were also visiting a garden of one of our friends where we seen these beautiful  pinks: shooting stars -  'Dodeacatheon'.
The mix in the border with the forget-me-nots in the background shows that...

...pinks are lovely...

...together with flowers in other colours.
The pinks are 'Tiarella cordifolia' and pansies, and the others are tulips, pansies, columbines, 'Hyacintoides non-scripta' and  my first flowering bearded iris of this spring. 

This Pink Saturday has turned to Sunday.
To see more pinks go to BEVERLY, and if you will enjoy The Blogparty of Malevik and see Håkans lovely pink roses, go and visit this week of SATURDAY SHOW OFF. 

Have a nice Sunday in Your garden!
Rejoice the springtime!
Best wishes,

måndag 11 maj 2015


A beautiful flower of this month... put together with other flowers to lovely bouquets and arrangements from my springgarden .

Look how the tulips grew older with their own grace!
Mosaic Monday
I am on with my mosaics thease latest hours of this Mosiac Monday, and to see more Mosaics go to Judith.

And the blues of this Monday I will show with my blue glassbowls...

..and  the vases from the Swedish artist Erik Höglund.(Read more HERE)

He made also some glassplates with animals as bulls... 

...and other figures. And there are vases and bowls and other glassitems in other colours than blue.
More BLUES of this Blue Monday You will find if you will visit SMILING SALLY.

Have a nice week!
Best wishes,

måndag 4 maj 2015

BLUE MOSAIC MONDAY: My moodboard for May... made by small, blue beauties from my garden : woodanemones, a blue Balkan anemone, blue pansies with their cousin : a bluespotted violet; a blue 'Anemone coronaria',  different kinds of  blue grapehyacints,  blue forget-me-nots and their lookalikes: 'Brunnera macrophylla'.

Small blue beuties together. The small bluespootted violet is called "Freeckles" - a charming kind of  a violet, I think.
And look how woodanemones can change to different ways: a blue kind,...

...and this double white one with a blue eye, and of coures it's name is "Baby Blue Eyes"- a rather new flower in my garden.

This was my blues for this Blue Monday, and if you will feel and see more of it, go to Smiling Sally.

Fact is that my Blue Moodboard for May has turn to pink, as the Japanese Cherry Blossom treein these last days has shown its besutiful pink flowers.
Every month I try to pick some flowers from my garden to make a moodboard of  the month, and another blogger making moodboards is Annelie

Mosaic Monday Judith with Lavender cottage showing this Mosaic Monday her signs of spring...

...and here are some of mine.
To see more mosaics go HERE.

Happy Blue Monday&
And have a Nice week!
best wishes,